A Letter from Jo Cecilio, Rector of Cavanaugh Hall

Hello, Class of 2025!

Greetings from the halls of Cavanaugh, a 200+ women’s hall in the North Quad of the University of Notre Dame. Congratulations on your admission to the University! 

My name is Jo Cecilio and I am one of the 33 rectors who will be here to greet you the day you finally arrive on our beautiful campus. What is a rector? In short, I am your pastoral leader, community builder, University resource, and chief administrator. Yup! All of those things wrapped into one five-foot-tall (I’m being generous) woman. 

I am an adult professional living among my women in the hall. I lead a team of nine women: seven resident assistants and two assistant rectors. We are here to walk with you through your college experience. Rectors come from all walks of life: we are lay women, lay men, sisters, and priests. We are coaches, teachers, administrators, social workers, pastors, ministers, and run the gamut of higher ed professions.  

Here at Notre Dame, you will be known, seen, and loved. Your rector will know you by name when you walk through the doors of your new home under the Dome. READ MORE >>
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Mascots of Notre Dame
You've heard of the famous leprechaun, but did you know each Notre Dame residence hall has a mascot? Learn more about them, plus our hall traditions, and the residential communities that make Notre Dame so special.  
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Academics & Research
Languages at Notre Dame
In an increasingly globalized world, the advantages of foreign language study are more significant than ever.

You can pursue language as a primary area of study or as a complement to your intended major.

Learn how foreign language study at Notre Dame can benefit you. 
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Global Perspective
Why Study Peace?
The study of peace requires engaging in deep thinking about some of the most urgent problems we face as global citizens in our contemporary world. 

Notre Dame offers a supplementary major or interdisciplinary minor in peace studies.

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Aid & Affordability
VIDEO: Tajae Thompson '22
Tajae Thompson '22 is marketing and English double major from Palm Beach, Florida. She's also a first-generation college student.

As a high-achieving student, Tajae wanted an education at a top university and affordability was a major factor in her decision to enroll at Notre Dame.

Questions about financial aid?
Get some answers via our Financial Aid FAQs for admitted students.


Bright Futures
Adriana Pratt '12, Head Writer and Senior Producer at Good Morning America
Adriana Pratt ’12 graduated with a major in political science and a minor in the John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy from the University of Notre Dame.

Now head writer and senior producer at Good Morning America, she says internships were critical to getting her start in broadcasting and they are the most important experience she looks for when hiring for the show.


Force for Good
Fighting to Prevent Homelessness
Notre Dame's Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) is helping service providers apply scientific evaluation methods to better understand and share effective poverty interventions.
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Campus Dining: A Student Perspective
From the dining halls to the Huddle Mart, Mario Ojadi assures us, the food options on (and near) campus are endless. Learn about all the choices open to you, as well as some student favorites, in his blog post. 
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