A Letter from Sarah Price, Class of 2021

Remember life before COVID-19? It feels like forever ago when we could see a stranger's full face in the grocery store, sit right beside our best friend at lunch, or even have classes in person. 

Honestly, the struggles of learning during a pandemic have brought forth a new level of uncertainty in everyone's lives.

For many of the incoming Class of 2025, this uncertainty is revealed as the rites of senior year are slowly stripped away. Homecoming, crowded football and basketball games, field trips, winter dances, prom, awards ceremonies, and other events seem to have become traditions of the past.

But through these trials and tribulations, the Class of 2025 has been molded with the knowledge, foresight, and adaptability necessary to weather any storm. READ MORE >>

Virtual Opportunities
Let's connect! There are many ways to explore Notre Dame and connect with current students, faculty, alumni, and staff from the comfort of your couch.

Check out the many upcoming virtual opportunities on our website, including:
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VIDEO: Living in Community
We don't call campus your "home under the Dome" for nothing—residence halls are the foundation of our undergraduate community. Each first-year student is randomly assigned to a residence hall and a roommate or roommates. The Housing Application is scheduled to open in late May. Learn more about residential communities here and watch the video to see our approach to residential life.


Academics & Research
Notre Dame's Core Curriculum
Central to undergraduate education at Notre Dame is the core curriculum, a set of requirements that apply to all students, regardless of major, and which reflect the University's shared vision for a modern liberal arts education.
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Global Perspective
VIDEO: Fighting For Resilient Communities
After wildfires ravaged the seaside town of Mati, Greece, Notre Dame architecture students worked under the guidance of Dean and Professor of Architecture Michael Lykoudis to create a master plan for rebuilding.


Aid & Affordability
VIDEO: Godsee Joy '20 on an Education with Value(s)
Alumna Godsee Joy studied economics, peace studies, and data science at Notre Dame. Her financial aid package made it possible for her to get an education that allowed her to grow academically and spiritually without undue financial stress.


Bright Futures
VIDEO: Prisma Garcia '09, '10 M.S.
As a student, Prisma Garcia loved serving through Notre Dame's Center for Social Concerns. Service experiences helped shape her future. 


Force for Good
Center for Social Concerns
Learn about the Center for Social Concerns (CSC), a center dedicated to Catholic social teaching through community-engaged research, teaching, and learning.

Through the CSC, undergraduate students: ​​​​Visit the CSC website to learn more.

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