From Student Body President-elect Allan Njomo '22 

Howdy Howdy Friends, 

First and foremost, congratulations on this massive accomplishment of getting into Notre Dame! You are certainly a part of something special and you should be proud of yourself. Take a moment to reflect on that. 

My name is Allan Njomo and, should you choose Notre Dame, I will have the honor of serving as your Student Body President this coming school year. Really what that means is that, in every way possible, I will aspire to be a resource for you and a point of connection into student government. 

I remember the day I received my acceptance letter quite fondly. I let out a small squeal and leaped in excitement. In that moment, I was overjoyed with everything that could come with my college experience. Would I go to every game? Yes. Would I join every club and organization on campus? Yes. Would I proudly rep my Texas heritage in every conversation? Yes. 

At the same time, I was not too sure of everything that the college experience would hold for me. Would I find a group of people I could call my lifelong friends? Would I find a community of like-minded individuals? Would I find a home in the dorm community? Would I figure out what I wanted to do with my life? Three years later, I can confidently answer yes to each of those questions. I hope that one day you can find the answers to your questions too. READ MORE >>

Virtual Opportunities
Connect with Us

ND Admissions LIVE
We hope you enjoyed the ND Admissions LIVE sessions just for admitted students and their families.

If you missed any, or want to view them again, recordings are available via our website here.

Join the Admitted Student Community on ZeeMee
You can still connect with your classmates via ZeeMee before you arrive on campus!

Email an International Student
Questions for current international students? Send them an email—they'd love to hear from you!

Kendall Lubkeman ’23

United States, attended United Kingdom high school
Alejandro Mujica ’23
Diana Spencer ’22
Senegal, Cabo Verde

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    Peek Inside 2 Residence Halls

    One of admitted students' most-asked questions is, "What do the dorms looks like?" We know you're eager to see the spaces you'll call home for the next four years.

    Check out these two student-led video tours for a look inside:

    Johnson Family Hall
    Women's residence hall
    Est. 2020
    Location: East Quad

    Keenan Hall
    Men's residence hall
    Est. 1957
    Location: North Quad

    Academics & Research
    Dig into Undergraduate Research! 6 Students Share Their Research and How They Got Started

    One major benefit of attending a Top 20 research university? Undergraduate research opportunities abound!

    Meet six students whose research ranges from studying structural design in Germany to solar panels and green design to understanding correlations between mental illness and aggression.

    Read More
    Global Perspective
    Q&A: Nicholas Crookston '23
    Global Affairs Major, President of Latinx Student Alliance

    In keeping with Notre Dame’s mission to place scholarship in service to the common good, the Keough School of Global Affairs advances integral human development through: research, policy and practice; transformative educational programs; and partnerships for global engagement.

    Students engage with the school through its academic majors and minors, research opportunities, immersive seminars, language study, and much more.

    Find out how Nicholas Crookston ’23 is pursuing a supplementary major in global affairs with a concentration in civil and human rights.

    Read More
    Aid & Affordability
    ICYMI: Live, Virtual Financial Aid Q&A

    On April 13 and 14 we held two live, virtual sessions on financial aid for admitted students.

    In case you missed them, watch the recordings here:
    Financial Aid Q&A for U.S. Citizens/Eligible Non-citizens
    Director of Financial Aid Mary Nucciarone explains the process at Notre Dame and answers student and family questions.

    Financial Aid Q&A for International Students
    Senior Associate Director Michael Riemke presents an overview of financial aid for international students and answers questions.

    It's Not Too Late to Submit Your Financial Aid Applications!

    The best way to find out if you qualify for financial aid is to apply. 

    Get Started Here

    Bright Futures
    The Mereulo Family Center for Career Development

    How does your major impact your professional career path? Not sure what you want to do after you graduate from Notre Dame? Don’t know where to start?

    The Meruelo Family Center for Career Development will help you begin your professional journey. The center is the place to connect what you are learning and what you enjoy and to prepare you for success after graduation.

    Read More


    Force for Good
    Community During COVID

    We will always remember the world shutting down in March 2020 due to a global pandemic that continues to affect the lives of so many.

    The Notre Dame community worked together to keep our campus safe and create memorable experiences throughout the academic year. 

    See how University photographers Matt Cashore and Barbara Johnston documented this historic year on our campus through their lenses.

    Read More


    Do You Know the Words to the Alma Mater?

    Follow along via Spotify as the Notre Dame Glee Club sings our University song, "Notre Dame, Our Mother," also known as the Alma Mater. 

    Notre Dame, our Mother
    Tender, strong and true
    Proudly in the heavens,
    Gleams thy gold and blue.
    Glory’s mantle cloaks thee
    Golden is thy fame,
    And our hearts forever,
    Praise thee, Notre Dame.
    And our hearts forever,
    Love thee, Notre Dame.

    VIDEO: Question of the Week

    In this video series, Notre Dame admissions counselors answer your questions. 

    This week, Associate Director Gabe Brown interviews representatives from First Year Advising to answer the question:

    What happens during Welcome Week?

    More Videos:
    Visit the Question of the Week playlist on the NDadmissions YouTube channel.

    Up Next on Your Notre Dame Journey

    This is our last Welcome Home newsletter, but we won't lose touch.

    Confirmed students will begin receiving communications from First Year Advising by mid-May. 

    View a timeline for upcoming communications and other important dates on our website.


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