A Letter from Luis Fraga, Faculty Director of the Institute for Latino Studies

Congratulations and welcome to the Notre Dame family!

You and your parents should be very proud of what you have accomplished and I know that you will be even more proud of what you will accomplish in your undergraduate studies here at Notre Dame.

One of my affiliations at Notre Dame is as Director of the Institute for Latino Studies, where I hold the Rev. Donald P. McNeill, C.S.C., Chair in Transformative Latino Leadership.

We have thirty-one affiliated faculty members from across the University and 67 supplemental majors and minors from all different colleges as well.

If you have any interests in more deeply understanding one of the fastest growing ethnoracial groups in the United States and in the Catholic Church, please come and drop by our offices at Bond Hall and learn about all of the exciting opportunities we have for you. READ MORE >>

Virtual Opportunities
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No Visit? No Worries!
It's tough to make a decision about where to go to school when you can't visit. To help protect the health of our Notre Dame family, our office is unable to accommodate in-person visits until at least the end of May.  

But we are doing our best to offer you opportunities to explore the campus and community from the comfort of your home. Here are some ways to connect with us so you can make an informed decision.
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Academics & Research
5 Fast Facts About the Moreau First Year Experience
Every first-year student at Notre Dame participates in a one-credit, two semester course sequence called the Moreau First Year Experience.
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Global Perspective
Global Engagement Programs

Travel may be uncertain now, but we plan for our study abroad programs to be up and running for future students.

Over 75% of Notre Dame students participate in an international experience for academic credit and students from all colleges and majors can participate.

We offer 50 semester and academic-year programs and 16 summer programs spread across more than 30 countries.

Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom and participate in service projects, internships, research, extracurriculars, and field trips, all of which open their eyes to new cultures, new people, and new mindsets.

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Aid & Affordability
What Will I Actually Pay?
If you're wondering what your bill might actually look like, this chart shows examples of three families with different incomes and the amount of scholarship Notre Dame provided.

ICYMI: Financing Your Notre Dame Education
Couldn't make it to our virtual event? Watch the recording any time. Director of Financial Aid Mary Nucciarone walks you through the financial aid process and answers questions from students and families. 
Bright Futures
"What Impact Can I Make?" Engineering Alumnus Seun Odun-Ayo '20
Six years ago, Seun Odun-Ayo '20 was a high school student debating whether he would even go to college. Today, Odun-Ayo is a software engineer at Xbox. He is using his Notre Dame computer science degree to make a real impact in the world.
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Force for Good
Walking the Walk
In observance of Black History Month, we invite you to join the Notre Dame community for Walk the Walk Week 2021, February 22-28.

This campus-wide series of events, many being held virtually, is designed to help each of us consider the steps we might take individually and collectively to make Notre Dame, our communities, and our nation more welcoming and inclusive.

While some events are reserved for current Notre Dame students, we invite you to join the open virtual events. Visit the Walk the Walk Week website to learn more.
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Meet the Professor: La Donna Forsgren - Film, Television, and Theatre
Meet La Donna Forsgren, associate professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Theatre (FTT). 

Here, she shares why she was drawn to the theatre as a child, discusses her research  uplifting black female playwrights, and talks about how she challenges her students to exist in and learn from the liminal spaces in the classroom.            
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Building Community During a Pandemic
With the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects all around us, it's a tough time to begin your college journey.

Tough—but far from impossible. We're proud of the way the Notre Dame community has come together to support our students and preserve the undergraduate student experience.

We've even been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We continue to make strides, but to see some of our past efforts, check out these 10 Ways We Built Community During the Pandemic.
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